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Domino – A Game of Chain ReactionsDomino – A Game of Chain Reactions

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A domino is a small, flat block used as both a gaming object and surface decoration tool. Usually stacked in long lines, dominoes can be easily toppled over with one being tipped over leading to another one tipping over until all have collapsed – depending on size, spacing between dominoes, intricate designs can be created – the term domino can even be seen as an allegory for unforeseeable chain reactions such as riots or business events with unexpected outcomes.

Domino is a two to four player game played with dominoes that have been shuffled together, then each player draws at random from them, usually seven pieces required for play from what’s known as the stock or boneyard (in some countries). When one player has achieved two doubles (typically 7 pieces), that player becomes the leader; subsequent players must then place dominoes from their hand onto a chain which must reach its end before any domino falls off and displaces it from this chain.

The name of the game derives from Latin domino, meaning “little domino.” However, in French it had another meaning as an umbrella-shaped cape worn over priestly surplices. Perhaps this inspired the designer of Domino piece who used blacks and ivory faces as representations of this garment’s color contrasts.

As soon as a domino is laid down, its potential energy converts to kinetic energy which provides the necessary push for it to fall over. Some of this energy then passes on to its neighbor domino which in turn supplies push for it too and so on until all dominoes have fallen, at which point their potential energy converts back to kinetic energy once they hit the ground and potential energy is converted back into kinetic energy again. The chain continues to grow until one eventually falls which converts its potential back into kinetic energy upon hitting ground contact.

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