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The Cutting Room International Short Film Festival

44 E. 32nd St. New York, NY, 10016

“We are so pleased to announce that in our 1st year we proved successful

enough to bypass the 5 year festival rule and Officially become an 


Official Selections, Finalists and Winners

Receive Awarded Credit on their IMDB page

THE CUTTING ROOM INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL Welcomes hundreds of Indie Filmmakers to the heart of New York City.The Festival is focused on emerging, yet overlooked filmmakers and aims to show quality film of true indie filmmakers and honor their hard work and dedication. C.R.I.S.F.F. will be providing a showcase for the best independent cinema, from NYC and around the world, to the public and entertainment industry Oct 19,20 2019 with potential distribution and funding, as well as awarding the top films across numerous categories, giving them the opportunity to mingle and network with press, supporters, and fans.The 2nd annual C.R.I.S. Film Festival NYC will be at New York’s infamous venue, The Cutting Room, which builds on two decades of history that includes top performers like Lady Gaga, Sting, Sheryl Crow, David Bowie, and Ronnie Wood to name a few. The Cutting Room and also hosted numerous film premieres, and Red Carpet Events.

“After such a successful turnout last year, it gives me great joy to once again host The 2nd Cutting Room International Short Film Festival!”

Festival Director

Kathrina Miccio    



SMACK  Trailer

World Premiere

DJ Higgins




World Premiere

When a season of great peril arrives, so too does the opportunity for great change. Youthful Faces brings together some of NYC’s best Broadway dancers, award-winning choreographer Lane Napper, the music of Jour Majesty and visionary filmmaker Michael C. Perry, as catalysts for our younger generation to have a voice in their futures. Now is the time to speak up and speak out to illuminate the future you want to see. Youthful faces, raise your voices – right here, right now.

Director Michael Perry

Screening 102 films!!!
Sat Oct 19, 2019
10:30AM – 8:30PM


Sun Oct 20, 2019


The 2nd Annual Cutting Room International Short Film Festival

Is Proud To Announce on Sunday 20th Awards Night      
CRISFF Honoree       Vincent Curatola

to receive an Award For His Outstanding Work as

an Actor in Film & Television & For His Contributions In Mentoring Creatives

Vincent Curatola is an American actor and writer. Curatola’s best-known role is that of the cold,

calculating, chain smoking Johnny Sack from the HBO drama, The Sopranos.

Performing After The Films

Saturday Night Oct 19th   


Comedian Tara Cannistraci


(Screening Saturday)

Tara is an Italian-American stand-up comedian born and raised in the Bronx, NY. She uses her New York upbringing as the foundation for her take on observational comedy. She has taken her talents to stage, television, film & off-Broadway. She wrote for and and was featured on SportsNet New York’s (SNY) “Oh Yeah”. Tara is the co-creator of We Stand Comedy, an LLC that produces live shows and digital content. Tara is a proud member and regular performer at the world famous Friars Club. She produces and performs for fellow Friar Chazz Palminteri’s Child Reach Foundation and tours regionally with Danny Aiello’s Italian Chicks. Tara performs regularly in NYC, throughout the country and Canada.


Las Vegas Singer 


The impact of the international singing sensation Dondino has been felt across the nation and around the world for over thirty years.  His tightly choreographed, lush orchestrated shows mixed original work with old standards, into dazzling display of showmanship. Few performers can entertain audiences of all ages, races, and genders, but Dondino consistantly continues to do just that.  Performing in many entertainment venues, he has received rave reviews both locally, nationally and internationally.

Short Long And The Jersey Horns  

“To Make a Long Story Short”

(Screening Sat Afternoon) Tangerine films has made a documentary about shorty long And The Jersey Horns.Specifically about Ricky Tisch he struggles and perseverance and how he’s overcome the challenges living with osteogenesis imperfecta  The film runs about a half hour long and will debut at the lighthouse film festival Long Beach Island New Jersey in June and at the Long Island film festival in New York in July.

Special Guest Tom Dudley

Of Blues Buddha





The Cutting Room is a beautiful space, with great sound, and state of the art projection.We bring the
art of film locally as well as from all over the world. With a separate super club theater room, The Cutting Room venue, restaurant, and bar is a perfect spot to eat and drink before, and after watching the short film blocks, for opening day, and closing Gala Awards night.


The Cutting Room International Short Film Festival

44 E. 32nd St. New York, NY, 10016