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The Singapore Prize and the NUS Singapore History Prize

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The Singapore Prize honours Singaporean authors who have published exceptional published works across four official languages – Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil. Since its establishment, this prestigious prize has drawn top-quality entries by acclaimed writers such as two Nobel laureates and one of today’s foremost living poets.

This award, previously known as the National Book Council (Singapore) Prize, is one of Asia’s oldest of its kind and given out annually to an individual or organisation that has made an exceptional effort towards reading promotion in Singapore. The prize serves to acknowledge how books play such an integral part of everyday life – fostering literacy and an appreciation of literature while creating life-long readers in Singapore.

Government of Singapore has instituted this prize in memory of Lee Kuan Yew, late President of Republic of Singapore and leader of its arts. It will recognize an exceptional literary work which has contributed significantly to advancing arts in Singapore or enriching our cultural heritage; providing writers, readers and the general public with motivation.

A book which chronicles the life and death of a notorious gangster responsible for many deaths was this year’s winner of the Singapore Literary Prize. Written by Vincent Tong – widely considered one of Singapore’s most dangerous gangsters – Vincent Tong’s biography of Sam Hua captures both his deadly nature as an effective leader as well as an inspiring personality with its expansive scope and extensive research.

Prince William of Britain recently unveiled five recipients for his Earthshot Prize, established three years ago to encourage inventors and entrepreneurs to develop technologies that will protect the earth from climate change. Each winner will be granted PS1 million to boost their projects that address key environmental concerns.

The NUS Singapore History Prize was introduced in 2014 with the intention of cultivating interest and understanding about Singapore’s past, while sparking dialogue about its unique place in world. The prize aims to broaden definitions of history by soliciting writings that cover multiple perspectives and themes pertinent to Singaporean history. It is administered by NUS’s Department of History under their Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

This award ceremony recognizes innovation and trends in global interior design while celebrating outstanding work done by interior designers from around the world. Hosted alongside WAFX 2023: Inside World Festival of Interiors, winning designs will be showcased at an awards show held on 27 January in Marina Bay Sands Singapore; additionally they will be published in a commemorative book available during this event.