Gambling Blog What is the SDY Prize?

What is the SDY Prize?

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The SDY Prize recognizes undergraduate students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, commitment to learning, and ability to positively contribute to their community. Students applying for this award by October’s end must be nominated by their supervisors and provide evidence of their contribution; such as publishing an article in a refereed journal or conference; creating art works for exhibition at nationally or internationally recognised venues; or presenting research results at local or other conferences and/or creating teaching resources.

In April, the Sdy Prize Winner is recognized at an undergraduate faculty meeting with an award ceremony and short speech as part of a Baccalaureate service. Beginning with 2015, this winner has also been invited to deliver a public lecture at School of Arts and Humanities on an area of their choosing; additionally they may also be nominated for University Chancellor’s Prize, which offers an additional $3,000 award.

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