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The HK Prize 2017 Finalists

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The Hong Kong Prize (hk Prize) is one of Hong Kong’s premier writing competitions, providing an ideal way to develop writing skills while increasing awareness about Chinese and Asian culture. However, before competing, it’s essential that all rules and requirements are clearly understood – visiting their official website and speaking with a representative are two effective ways of doing this.

The Hongkong Prize is an annual non-governmental award that draws thousands of applicants each year. It aims to inspire students to follow their passions and become leaders of tomorrow. Outstanding students from academic achievements or extracurricular activities may receive recognition, with winners receiving both cash prizes and access to research facilities in Hong Kong.

Last month, a team of scientists from Hong Kong University (HKU) received the Ig Nobel Prize for conducting an unusual psychological experiment. Researchers employed flashing lights to lull chimpanzees into believing they were being chased by an invisible moving object and then compared their results with another group who did not employ flashing lights; flashed-lit groups saw significantly more chase attempts from their subjects, suggesting the reward system in their brain may have played an influential role in driving these results.

This year’s HK Prize competition, hosted online during the Covid-19 pandemic, received an unprecedented 1,023 submissions from around the globe. A panel of international experts in three disciplines selected their finalists: astronomy, life science/medicine/ and mathematical sciences.

An additional special prize was presented to a Hong Kong chemistry professor who created an anticancer compound without harming healthy tissue cells. He was inspired to develop this compound when his wife succumbed to cancer in 2016, prompting him to create something less damaging for healthy tissues as an anti-cancer medication.

An intriguing study showed that people who consume more fish have lower rates of heart disease and stroke than those who consume less; the findings were published in Food Research journal. Furthermore, research also indicates that eating seafood reduces Alzheimer’s risk significantly.

Prize money at Class 1 races has increased by an astonishing 90-percent over the last decade, leading to larger jackpots for these contests than they had 10 years ago. Class 2 and 3 contests also benefit from increased prize pools.

HK Prize is an exciting online game that allows players to win large sums of cash. To ensure the best experience possible, select a trustworthy site and adhere to its rules to avoid being scammed out of money. Furthermore, read all terms and conditions carefully prior to placing any bets and make sure it offers secure connections in order to safeguard personal data and prevent unauthorised transactions from taking place.