“Of all the festivals I’ve been to, I’ve never left feeling so invigorated and determined to continue this journey as a filmmaker as I did leaving this absolute gem of a festival. Kathrina is a truly special soul in this world and industry. Her story, survival and the determination to put this event together will no doubt go on to change a lot of lives and some great future filmmakers. She set out to create a night that celebrated independent and otherwise overlooked talent and what immense amount of talent was on showcase! An overall fantastic event in every aspect; Moving and entertaining, a space of so much potential, opportunity and genuine friendship amongst everyone brought together by the mutual desire in all us all to spend our lives telling important stories. Can’t wait for the future of this simply brilliant event!”...Yasmin Afifi (England)
Winner Best Director for an International Short “Releevo”

“Truly a festival! It was hard to believe that it was its first year. The content was top notch. It was an honor to be a part of this cool festival. I wish to be a part of this festival again”…Viplav Shinde (Mumbai,India)
Winner Best Director for an International Comedy “A Lift Story”

“Making an independent film is hard, one must have passion for it. Organizing a festival supporting indie filmmakers from all over the world??? Kathrina Miccio HAS A PASSION for it! From the first email I have submitted, I received professional support, frank and timely answers, easy and simple directions. The love Kathrina put into organizing this beautiful event is heartwarming! It was a charming and welcoming weekend celebrating art, filmmakers, and achievements!  The historic Cutting Room is a beautiful venue, providing attractive yet comfortable red carpet, good choice of food and drinks and of course a great screening room. The night of Award Ceremony brought so much joy and laughter, that I am sure everyone will remember the event for a long time! And the cherry on the top – Kathrina’s Foundation supporting women in Arts while in treatment for breast cancer! SUPPORT PAINT US PINK foundation and do get to visit this festival! I am looking forward to attending the festival next year, either as a filmmaker or an audience member! And congratulations to all the winners, nominees and attendees!”….Anna Just
Winner Upcoming New Actress “Hearts That Cross Borders”

“Fabulous is the best word we can find to describe The Cutting Room International Short Film Festival. The venue is fabulous, the attendees were fabulous, the films were fabulous, Kathrina is absolutely fabulous. We had a wonderful time at this festival networking with filmmakers from all over the world and watching great films. We were thrilled to have two films – short comedy’s – in the festival. It was extremely gratifying to have a full house for both screenings. That is such an important part of why we submit to festivals – to have our work seen. The fabulously delicious icing on the cake was having “Scratch This” win Best Short Short Comedy! Thank you.Fabulous”. …Laura Dowling Shea
Winner Best Short Short Comedy “Scratch This”

“C.R.I.S.F.F. was magical and I very much look forward to next year! The three main matters were all superb – the films, the people and the venue. As director, Kathrina Miccio organized an incredible festival and motivated all of us to be our best selves. While sitting in the main room at the Cutting Room, I was thrilled to witness the viewing by hundreds of people all focused on the screen, extraordinary films made by gifted filmmakers, some side-splitting funny ones and others so profound and poignant I could not hold back the rush of emotions and tears. To top off the two days, I got to be on stage accepting the award for Best LGBT Documentary, and to perform stand-up comedy and a song with friends at the exciting gala!  I will never forget those 2 days!” xoxo ………Fran Sisco
Winner Best Documentary LGBT “Happy Trans Girl Like Me”

“I have attended many festivals as a filmmaker as well as a member of the public. The Cutting Room International Short Film Festival was one of the best I’ve ever attended — and this was its first year! I represented a film from France. The communication from the festival director Kathrina Miccio, and the personal advice and attention to detail of Sam Berland, the projectionist, were perfect 10’s (on a scale of 1-10). The event was packed — not always the case at festivals — which for a filmmaker is pure gold. The festival provided an atmosphere that encouraged camaraderie and networking. One could truly “feel the love” among the attendees. The quality and range of films and filmmakers blew me away. Thank you Kathrina Miccio for this outstanding festival experience.
I am already plotting how to attend next year!” ….Margery Wilson
Winner Best International Documentary “I Killed Vincent”

“It’s hard to believe this was an inaugural festival. The entire event was superb, in every way. Kat creates an inclusive and celebratory environment like none other”. …..Brad Forenza Winner Best LGBTQ Drama “Breaking Points”

“Great NYC Festival. Happy to be a part of it and thrilled that we were able to win best short film. Thanks to all for an awesome festival”.….Isaac Rathbone      Winner Short Short Drama “Population Control”

“C.R.I.S.F.F. was the best NYC festival I have ever attended. It was a warm, exciting and fabulous weekend of phenomenal and diverse films from domestic and international arenas! Ms. Miccio treats everyone like family and provided valuable and noteworthy networking opportunities! I had a lovely time! I highly recommend this festival”. ……Michelle Felice Hartley      Winner Best Actress in a Drama ”Not Your Call”

“What can be said about such a great festival? Kathrina Miccio (the Festival Founder and Director) is a filmmaker… which means that she cares about filmmakers and understands what it means to attend festivals (as a filmmaker). The Cutting Room is an iconic spot and Kathrina matched its elegance with great screenings, a fantastic (and sold out) awards show and most of all a sincere desire to put together a festival that every attendee could be proud of. One of the best festivals I’ve attended in a long time and I hope that this becomes an annual tradition. Best of luck Kat! All my best”.……D.J. Higgins    Winner Best Director Short Comedy “Santino” and Winner Web Series “Superwoman”

“For the first year of any festival to be this successful and regarded speaks for itself of how good it is! The cutting room has an eloquent yet hip vibe to it. The films were all top notch and people in attendance all made for a worthy time. I feel honored to have participated in the first year. This will be a “go to” festival for years to come”. ……James Pravasilis        Winner Best Actor in a SciFi ”The Prime”

“What an incredible inaugural year for C.R.I.S.F.F!!! So well organized, a great venue with a screening room, featuring perfect sound quality and picture quality, and a separate area serving refreshments and food that is perfect for networking. Festival Director Kathrina Miccio was a most gracious host, and MC’d every post-screening Q & A. Only the first year?  It ran like a veteran festival, and will certainly become a favorite very quickly!” ……John Wiggins        Winner Best Short Short Horror “Population Control”

“Excellent festival! Brings filmmakers together! Great communication! I look forward to what the second year brings. A great inaugural year and I was grateful to have been part of it.I recommend other filmmakers to submit and film enthusiasts to attend!”……Brooke Hoover     Winner Best Actress in A Short Short Comedy “Shyft”

“If you’ve been reading any of the reviews on the festival, you will see across the board that for a First Year Festival, Kathrina Miccio hit it head on. Communication and hospitality were fantastic. The Venue was wonderful and very well attended. The films looked and sounded great. Caulk this festival as one that respects the film and the filmmakers. My sincerest hope, is that this festival continues to grow” ……Bob Celli
Winner Best Director Drama & Winner Short Drama “Figs For Italo”

“It was an honor to have two of my films included in this amazing film festival. As a filmmaker, I was most impressed by the excellent quality of the projection and sound, all thanks to veteran projectionist, Sam Berland. The festival director, Kathrina Miccio, went out of her way to make us feel welcome and supported.All in all, a terrific first year for the Cutting Room International Short Film Festival”……Philip Snyder
Sci-Fi Finalists “The Bag” and “The Eye”

“What an amazing festival. Incredible venue, high sound/screening quality and good attendance, Kathrina Miccio, who runs the festival, is personable and present. Only in its first year, this festival is here to stay”…..Lukas Hassel    Winner Best Actor In a Horror “The Son The Father”

“What a surprise! Normally a festival in their first year is not well attended and has some growing pains. Yet The Cutting Room International Short Film Festival NYC did not show any signs of growing pains. It was packed with spectators, organized and extremely entertaining. The venue is fantastic. Located in Midtown Manhattan, the venue has excellent film projection and sound, happening bar and excellent food. Regards to festival director, Kathrina Miccio and her crew, they have their stuff together. Great job! We will be submitting again next year”….Michael Perry       Finalist Best Drama “Carnival Kid” 

“Classic New York film fest with great filmmakers and fun people”.…Drew Henriksen
Winner Best Supporting Actor in a Drama “Power of Prayer”

“Really wish I Could have attended the inaugural year of the Cutting Room International Short Film Fest with my film Click Send. But from everything I’ve seen and heard it is definitely a festival worth entering and hopefully I’ll be able to be there next year”……Isaac Platizky    Horror Finalist “Click Send”

“Although I didn’t get to go to the festival, Kathrina was amazing. I really wanted to be there, but it just wasn’t possible this year, but hopefully next year I can be a part of a fantastic up and coming festival. Super thankful for accepting two of my films, and all the pictures from the event looked amazing. I’ll have no hesitations in submitting in the future. Love your work!”……Luke Robson
Winner Best International Director “The Disappearance of Federick Valentich